"Transfer Progress" 2010 (Sally Johnson)

video (45 min), soundtrack, websites, photographs, sculptures, related fashion line (AAgency).
Screenings: Burton Theatre, Detroit MI; Weltenberger, Los Angeles CA; Wurhaus, Austin TX

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"A Agency" clothing line

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"Transfer Progress,"



Transfer Progress - Character Renders, 2010

Avalon Altamont

My projection's NOT protection, it's vulnerability, HON EY, and I don't want to change a thing. Well, I WILL change a thing-every THING because I realize that evolve is NOW, it's how I can stay HERE. This sentence is passing and the way that I'm saying it will never happen again. It's past now and you can make it history if you want, but I did it and it made in IMPACT, with this look, with these lips, this face. The way I give face MAKES this place. I am the ground, the ceiling, the MIRROR when I'm here. All that bounces off of us is ping pong, you're either playing or you're not, defense is Natural, it's not a FIGHT.


Flaunt is substance, that's just all that there is. The WAY I say something, the LOOK I have together, hahaha, if you don't get it, it's not MY issue. But you still feel it, I cause you to react, even if it's just your appeasing, or teasing my ideas. The fact that I make myself so transparent is NAIEVE to you, but where are your ideas at? What have you invested in this space we're standing in? It's a joooke.

It makes it so much more mysterious...to DENY that mystery...transparency...When you think my outfit is an easy read, you're missing a see, a scene. There's something vulnerable about my posing, something honest and also something frozen that I've chosen to distill for you. The distillation is shifting, it's daily, it's momentary. I like to mood-shop and deal with the repercussions later.


Some of these styles just look like search results to me. It's all queuing and no process, yes? I think that some WORK, some FLEX makes things best, a little bit of intuitive drive and less "reference point" would make a more bearable set to witness. Butofcourse, less digest, you know? More mystery is necessary! A dancing point is incendiary! I want chaos if it means that someone will do something concentrated NOW!

Sometimes my feeling wardrobe acts as a mask because I've run out of cash for my new interiors. Sometimes your succeeding "success" (laughs) wardrobe acts as a mask because you've run out of feelings and have lost your interiors. Don't get a decorator, just take a meditator! IT's so easy to concentrate on your own personal freedom, just start by looking at yourself and maximizing on the dreams that you overlay anyway. Not finger in throat, but POSE. Lipstick versus sick, decorate, don't HATE!!


I like fashion because it's my way out, not a scouting for NEW, but an emanating, a power force. My style is wild because my FILES are wild, you know? I want to ARREST with CONSEQUENCE not just pose for screen grabs. There's something ERUPTIVE about my physical decoration, something UPSETTING, it makes me tick, it makes me want to make others SICK.

What does it mean when I get referenced to defect when I ask for the time? Does it
make me ugly as a societal contributor or is it less superficial? When are people going to stop using such dead language: "Superficial", it's so...VULGAR. I really want to appear that way moreso. More vulgar AND more superficial. It's still offensive and if I can pass as anything I would like to pass as not.


My reference point is ON POINT! And it's a confidence thing, anyway. My projection is totally never going to be digested by public eyes, it's interior and neverending, but when my face prompts scowl at every stop, it means I'm doing SOMETHING right. I don't know how to tame my body into a coat rack like all the people I ping pong with on the streets, but I DO understand the lifeline of my look, and I chase it down!

Too much un-utilized space. Is there a word for this other than excess? I really like that word, I don't want to ruin it. All of my talking should've filled this up already but it hasn't, and I'm upset. I think that by putting something on, on to my body, it makes space more of a portal, like, a door. I like wearing something that is set for stab, for audience, and reflection. I don't really understand all of this blankness, this no-thought, this BORING!! I want to decorate every square inch, breathing room is such a negation!

Matte Black

This whole "HONESTY" thing... Honestly? What makes you think I'm insincere if I'm here and this is real? I don't make friends in REAL TIME looking like this, I make myself creature for MYSELF and for MY family that I'VE helped create. You have it all wrong with your biology truths. Your "REFERENCE AS REALNESS" is COLD, it's a STAB. I'm not acting here because you can't separate the twoooo. I'm L I V I N G, it's RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW and as HARD as I can possibly fucking make it for a REASON.


I Make Me. My side-pony, dragging, it's sagging, it's HERE. I'm not telling JOKES to you, I'm telling the truth, well as much as III Know it. And that's just it, the more versions of the truth we can offer, the more stealing we can prevent because it becomes free. But you have to think about it, you know? Homework is EVERY SECOND, it's the re-search you do by really digesting your location: physical, virtual, spiritual, it's all the same, it's all, psychic terrain. And I'm just here to attest. I'm just here to resist psychic Death.

Clothing is like cus, I use it and get gawkers, get threats for tickets from families but I REFUSE to clean up! And FUCK families! This costume is my family reunion banner, solidarity is cus and these people are just biggots.

Transfer Progress Snapshots,

Collage on paper (snapshots, drawing on transparency, tape)

used bedsheets

"Escalator Valley" 
wood, cardboard, styrofoam, cotton, tar, latex paint, metal, vinyl tile, plexiglass, blacklight

"Say's Kitchen" 
styrofoam, vinyl tile, contact paper, moulding, alarm clock, latex paint

"Vaia!"  weaving on chicken wire, yarn, beads, silicone, plastic flower