40 Volume, 2018
all images courtesy of Samuel Draxler

Fennel, 2016 - 2018

Baby Wants to Ride, 2017
cardboard, aquaresin, acrylic, hair dye, plastic, and feather; canvas, acrylic, pigment, and cellophane

Grey, 2013
glass vase, socks, hairgel, plastic flowers

Sorties 2, 2013
mohair scarf, Clairol Bw2 Powder Lightener, Manic Panic Electric Amethyst, barette, nail polish, skateboard scarp, and Titanium-coated quartz

White, 2013
glass vase, socks, hairgel, and chained rubber dong

Dorito Flag, 2016
acrylic, hardware, pigment, crushed stretch-velvet, fringe, fluorescent light, melted lighting gel, safety pins, and metal stud

Starter Pack, 2017
ceramic and wire base, plastic cucumber, rubberband, lightbulb, eyeliner, mascara, and Heatherette for MAC lipgloss

Goop, 2016
plastic cookies, spackle, foundation, plastic heel, and eCigarette

The Promise, 2017
Acne Studios shopping bag, wire, plastic cookie, spackle, foundation, and Aczone prescription insert

Dirty, 2013
glass vase, socks, hairgel, and foam croissant

Chastity Sell, 2018
metal lamp, lighting gel, plastic table, glass vase, and foam lilies; canvas, acrylic, pigment, foil, wrapping paper, graphite, aluminium tape, and makeup

Lintel, Mantle, Module, Shelf

The Work, 2012, Allen wrench, stud

Fence Smell or Night Job, 2017, furniture scrap, vase, ceramic tile, stoneware, nail polish, bronze leaf, hardware, hair accessories, plastic, polymer clay, pearls, copper, cotton, gemstones, dried flower place mat, ceramic tile, snapshot, Guerlain Vetiver bottle

Facial, 2017, IKEA LACK shelf, vitrine, artificial moss, mulch, puff paint, pearl, air clay, dollar store fragrance, reptile bowl, terracotta, dried lavender, plastic cookie, Spackle, foundation, dried flowers, bubble wrap, aqua resin, acrylic, interference pigment, plastic cracker, Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strip

Coohsi, 2016, fur hats, plastic

Good Piece of Food, 2016

Papy (de Chez Papy), 2016

Ped, 2015
air clay, polymer plastic, pigment, nail polish

Amph, 2016
foam, toy, trimming, gem

Love Don't Live Here Anymore, 2015
denim, fabric, newspaper

Jenny, 2015
t-shirt, poem


Promenade, 2016
leash, ball, nylon, rubber tube, polymer plastic, pigment, thread

MDNA, 2016
W Magazine, Mod Podge, toys, chain, polymer plastic, pigment, gems, beads, fringe

Grand Place, 2016
air mattress, toy, polymer plastic, pigment

365, 2015
electric hot plate, dehydrated cantaloupe

Piquain't, 2016
Cooler Ranch Doritos bag

Thanks to Apple, Amazon, and the Mall, 2014

Ddad, 2013
Carhartt jeans

Toy, 2013
rubber, feathers, fur

Salad and I Know it, 2014

Go Home Fran,
terracotta, Apoxie Sculpt, textured velvet spandex, cat food

Salad and I Know It, staging for BAX performance:
deflated air mattress, digitally printed plush blanket, SmartWater, Cool Ranch Doritos, Sabra hummus, cocoa butter lotion,
Sex and The City DVDs, ceramic flip flop, lettuce stress ball, rug (scratching post),
video projection: Yoga Booty Ballet "Advanced" chapter.

A Alternatives, 2013

Crisp Quakes, 2012
Silk blouse, woven basket, braided rope, wire, wood, gauze, plaster, gouache, moss

Miniatures, 2012

At Condo Cusp, 2012
plastic bag, cat litter, toy, furniture scraps, hinges, mirror, wood, carpet

Actress, 2012
found clothing, bending pole

Helen, 2011
wood, fabric, plaster, lavalier microphone

T, 2011
cotton t-shirt scraps with t-pins