40 Volume
January 13 - February 25, 2018
Knockdown Center, Queens
Organized by Samuel Draxler

40 Volume is an exhibition and sitcom-length play starring three sock-encrusted vases and a head of fennel. In 40 Volume‘s performances, the vessels depart from their place in the adjacent gallery and chat together through filters of personal mythology and melodramatic pop lyrics to find sisterhood.

The exhibition includes paintings and sculptures: each character from the play holds a space marked by surfaces of dollar store glitz and janky, poetic objects. The paintings are assemblages of sculptural elements, a mass of accumulated and arranged material that is anchored to the wall; whereas the sculptures, with their humorous constructions, are suggestions for pertinent lifestyle choices. As a study in aspirational whiteness and its discontents, 40 Volume matches its protagonists’ delusions with a tenderness as charming as it is suspect.

Two performances of the play accompany the opening and closing of the exhibition on January 13 and February 24.

Floral arrangements for all performances by Scears Lee.

40 Volume’s play is performed by Alisa Besher, Zachary Delamater, Scears Lee, Martha Moszczynski, Alejandra Venancio, and Isaac Pool. A version of 40 Volume was originally published in Volume 3 of Haunt Journal (2016).

All photographs courtesy of Samuel Draxler

Artfourm Critics Pick, Wendy Vogel
BOMB Magazine interview with Jeanine Oleson
Paper Magazine, Julia Gray

Roberts Riverwalk Hotel, 2017
C print

Fennel, 2016 - 2018

Baby Wants to Ride, 2017
cardboard, aquaresin, acrylic, hair dye, plastic, and feather; canvas, acrylic, pigment, and cellophane

Readings by Teresa, 2016
rubber, paper, and ceramic pin

Grey, 2013
glass vase, socks, hairgel, plastic flowers

Sorties 2, 2013
mohair scarf, Clairol Bw2 Powder Lightener, Manic Panic Electric Amethyst, barette, nail polish, skateboard scarp, and Titanium-coated quartz

Christening, 2017
paper, hardware, and Rowlux

White, 2013
glass vase, socks, hairgel, and chained rubber dong

Dorito Flag, 2016
acrylic, hardware, pigment, crushed stretch-velvet, fringe, fluorescent light, melted lighting gel, safety pins, and metal stud

Lucky, 2012
orange cowhide mule, bandage, and penny

Libra, 2017
clip hanger, compact, dyed ribbon, chain, and metal ampersand clip

Starter Pack, 2017
ceramic and wire base, plastic cucumber, rubberband, lightbulb, eyeliner, mascara, and Heatherette for MAC lipgloss

Goop, 2016
plastic cookies, spackle, foundation, plastic heel, and eCigarette

West 28th, 2016
C Print

Clarista Wish, 2018
air clay, hardware, wire flower, foam lily, and toothpaste charms

Resurrection, 2016
terracotta, foam, wire, mulch, artificial moss, gift bag, gauze, and ornament

The Promise, 2017
Acne Studios shopping bag, wire, plastic cookie, spackle, foundation, and Aczone prescription insert

Most Beads, 2018
Inkjet print on vellum

Joy De Vivre, 2017
rubber, hardware, and paper

Dirty, 2013
glass vase, socks, hairgel, and foam croissant

Chastity Sell, 2018
metal lamp, lighting gel, plastic table, glass vase, and foam lilies; canvas, acrylic, pigment, foil, wrapping paper, graphite, aluminium tape, and makeup

Wile E., 2017
cardboard, foam, terracotta, plaster gauze, fabric, acrylic, hair dye, plastic, water beads, and flower

40 Volume, 2018
performance still

Fennel, 2017
video profile

Dirty, 2017
video profile

Grey, 2017
video profile

White, 2017
video profile

40 Volume, 2018
head shot